New York State attorney general Letitia James has ordered right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to stop making misleading claims about supposed coronavirus cures sold on his website, InfoWars.
紐約州總檢察長Letitia James已要求右翼陰謀論者Alex Jones停止制造關于所謂的冠狀病毒治療藥物的誤導性言論,這些藥物在他的InfoWars網站上出售。

The attorney general’s office “is extremely concerned” about Jones hawking these products on his online show, it said in a cease-and-desist letter dated March 12. The products include a “nano-silver” toothpaste, which Jones said “kills the whole SARS-corona family at point-blank range.”

There is no medical evidence behind these claims. In fact, the Federal Drug Administration and National Institutes of Health say colloidal silver is not safe to use and can even cause argyria, a bluish-gray skin discoloration that’s typically permanent.

“As the coronavirus continues to pose serious risks to public health, Alex Jones has spewed outright lies and has profited off of New Yorkers’ anxieties,” said Attorney General James in a statement. Such misrepresentations are illegal, according to New York law.
總檢察長James在一份聲明中說:“因為疫情使公共健康持續受到嚴重威脅,Alex Jones就編造了這樣的彌天大謊,靠紐約人的焦慮牟利。”紐約州的法律規定,這樣的不實言論是違法的。

InfoWars was not immediately available for comment. A product on the InfoWars page that contains SilverSol, one of the fake coronavirus cures, has a disclaimer on the purchase page, but it’s not clear when the note was added: “The products on this page are NOT treatments for any disease. They are not for use in the cure, treatment, prevention, or mitigation of any disease.”

But one of the colloidal silver products is still advertised on the InfoWars website with a massive banner.